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Pretend With Me by Jemma Grey

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Sometimes the love you fight against is the very thing that holds you together. Three weeks after 17 year old Jen witnesses the murder of her boyfriend, Daren she flees her Trinidadian home, in hopes of forgetting, and for a time she does. That changes when she meets the Wilsons, and learns that her wedding to Eric Wilson had been pre-arranged since her birth. In an instant everything she knows about herself is lost when she discovers the truth about the night that Daren died. The Wilsons aren’t who she thinks; they belong to an untainted breed of vampires that can only be born – the purebloods. Jen finds herself in a world suddenly filled with supernatural creatures and in the middle of a war between an army fighting to protect her and a pack of shifters trying to kill her, and in the midst of it all she’s struggling to find herself as her wedding looms closer, signifying a union other than marriage.

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