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The Darcy Walker Series by A.J. Lape

Grade A Stupid (The Darcy Walker Series, #1)-A.J. Lape

Fifteen years ago, Darcy Walker’s parents thought it was a good idea to give her a unique name: Darcy, meaning “dark walker.” Whether that was a stroke of genius or stroke of stupid, they definitely nailed the irony. She lacks direction, her grades stink despite a high IQ, she’s boringly average–although flirting admirers claim otherwise–and God help her, she’s infatuated with a bad boy.

A bad boy that her hottie best friend, Dylan, wishes would get acquainted with his fist.

With her life spiraling out of control, everything changes when she skips class and finds a dead body…in fact, it gets worse. It jump starts Darcy’s inner-verb, and her brain hard-wired for action gets caught up in a situation she can’t let go.

Set in the fictional Cincinnati town of Valley, Ohio, Darcy falls into a world of threats, violence, and gangland exploits chasing down every clue to finger the murderer. When a fellow misfit is arrested for the crime, Darcy goes from zero-to-sixty trying to clear his name–constructing aliases, breaking the law, everything that makes perfect sense to her but reeks of Grade A Stupid to everyone else.

Trouble is…will she live to see sixteen?

Included in the Series

  • Grade a Stupid
  • No Brainer
  • 100 Proof Stud
  • Defcon Darcy
  • Foolproof

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